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USA National Suicide Hotlines



I'm Alive Chat
Lifeline Chat

More National 800# Hotlines
For Teens, Veterans, LGBTQ+, Postpartum, College Students,
Native Americans, and more

South Carolina

Numbers are Listed by City, County, or Service Area

Use Your Browser Page "Find" (Control+F)
to Search for Your Area Code, Prefix, City, County, or Local Area

South Carolina Department of Mental Health

South Carolina Department of Mental Health

Community Mental Health Centers
Many Take After Hours Emergency Calls
and have Video Phones
for Telepsychiatry

mapCounty Map of Community Mental Health Centers


South Carolina 2-1-1

South Carolina 2-1-1

24/7 Information, Referral, Live Chat
  • 2-1-1
  • 1-866-892-9211
United Way Association of South Carolina
United Way Association of South Carolina


Mental Health America
Mental Health America of Greenville County

24/7 CRISIS Line / TEEN Line


What if the Hotline Phone Number
for my local area is no good ??

  • Call numbers in your state, even if they are outside your city or county.
  • Some of the 800, 888, 877, 866 numbers are toll-free in the entire state.
  • Visit the USA National page of this site for toll free National hotlines.
  • Call 411 and ask for:
  • Dial 0 and ask for:
  • Search online for:
    • hotlines - crisis or suicide
    • suicide prevention
    • crisis intervention
    • community crisis center
    • county mental health center
    • hospital mental health clinic
  • Or, call 911 and ask for help. Tell them you are in suicidal danger.

You Have The Power
To End Your Depression

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HelpCards to Print Out
HelpCards To Print Out
"When You Don't Know How To Ask For Help"
HelpCards to Print Out

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